Do you just do training in person? 

We have a plethora of methods of training. In fact we offer tailored advice as well as a breakdown of your ability and how to improve using Instagram. Check it out!

What is you Instagram handle?

Simple one – @Teach_Boxing

What is your boxing philosophy?

The fundamentals of boxing are the most crucial. You need to be able to develop your footwork, your basic punching ability and your stance/defence. Those are the key things to learn initially!

When will your products come back into stock?

As soon as a product is out of stock we reorder – this generally takes a couple of weeks so please bare with us!

I have a requested for a products - what should i do

We would love to hear your requests/feedback. Give us an email or contact us on Instagram!

I need to know more about a products - can i contact you

Absolutely – send us an email or contact us on Instagram and we’ll be happy to help!